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Pride Month 2020: Corporate & Brands Giving Back To The LGBTQ Community

Updated: Sep 13


2020 is not like most years, not by any extent.

All due to the ongoing Pandemic. While travelling, gathering, parties, parades and all other events have been tabled, the spirit of the Pride Month was far from being cancelled.

Pride 2020 went virtual, social media became a haven to the LGBTQ community and the pandemic made the celebrations fresh, different and enlightening.

From the Supreme Court's landmark ruling on LGBTQ workplace discrimination to the Trump administration rolling back transgender health care protections, and pride organizations worldwide aligning themselves in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, it's been a roller-coaster month for the community.

The big business of LGBTQ Pride has gone from a movement to marketing adding to their Brand Purpose, and this year was distinct as it went virtual.

With rainbow-coloured logos, cover photos, products and all the outpouring support all over social media as a presumed tribute to the Pride flag, doesn't mean it's all done and dusted.

Let's take a look at how corporate participated in the Pride Month and how it all went for them.

PRIDE 2020 Edition: Keeping the Spirit Alive, Virtually!

The spirit of the Stonewall Riots of 1969 in New York City is celebrated every year with Pride rallies and marches.

To live up to the tradition in spite of the pandemic, Corporate went a step ahead and organised it all Virtually!

Deloitte LLP's Inclusion Councils celebrated Pride with virtual events. A Pride-themed Zoom background contest, Pride trivia, and important discussions on advancing inclusion took place. Employees also supported the LGBTQ community through virtual volunteering.

Going the Donation Way

Companies and Brands stand by the Pride community by donating portions of merchandise sales and some even donate throughout the year.

Adidas went all the way with their Pride collection which featured almost everything from socks and fanny packs to shoes, jackets and shirts. Adidas is also a regular contributor to The Trevor Project.

Target stores donated $100,000 to GLSEN in 2020 while Tomboy X has donated over $100,000 to organisations which support Trans individuals.

Keeping an eye out during the Pride month can help you spot genuine corporate supporters of the movement.

Still Playing It With Hashtags, Stickers and Filters!

Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook - the big techs rolled out new features including hashtags and stickers.

Hashtags like #EqualityMatters and #AccelerateAcceptance appeared in a rainbow text on Instagram.

Facebook had Pride-themed rainbow frames and filters while Snapchat celebrated by creating new AR lenses.

It's All About Inclusiveness

The year has been marked by uncertainty and change. And thus it has become all the more important to celebrate everything that Pride stands for. Here's how a few big names made it.


PwC is committed to a culture of belongingness, where diverse individuals can form a genuine community. Pride Month is an opportunity for the firm and their people to demonstrate that purpose and inclusion. Throughout June, #PwCPride social media featured external articles and videos with PwCers courageously sharing their coming-out stories, highlighting supportive benefits and demonstrating why they can bring their whole selves to work.


"Let me be clear: I'm proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me", Tim Cook told Bloomberg Businessweek back in 2014

For Pride 2020, Apple launched two new bands for the Apple Watch. The first is a rainbow band which is instantly recognisable, while the second one is a Nike Pride Edition Sport Band.


One of the most popular video games on the market right- Nintendo's Animal Crossing, hosted a virtual Pride festival called Global Pride Crossing. The event was a part of Global Pride 2020 wherein players got a chance to visit Pride Island, which hosted a virtual pride festival with rainbow marches, a message board, a hall of fame, a queer dance club, and a catwalk. In addition, players could buy pride-themed outfits for their characters in the game.


Unlike Any Other- Spotify under its Pride theme welcomed back the Pride Hub for playlists and podcasts that emphasized on LGBTQ creators. In addition to this, their Kids App also featured a Pride playlist called, Love is Love to inspire self acceptance.

Spotify committed to celebrate Pride all year long.

Final Thoughts

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, June 2020 looked different. Most Pride organizers swivelled to virtual platforms.

Despite hardships, many big corporate donors thought of productive ways to be involved.

But in the past decade, members of the LGBTQ community have been disturbed that Pride events have focused too much on sponsorship and not enough on LGBTQ rights.

Besides the merchandise, hashtags, filters and exclusive products, corporate can support the LGBTQ community by

  • Being a vocal ally throughout the year

  • Showing support on relevant issues

  • Being representative in their promotional campaigns

After all, Business and Pride are both about Belongingness!


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