• Ranu Kumari

Content-Content Everywhere, Is Blogging Still Worthwhile?

Updated: Sep 13

Blogging is still worthwhile!

Does the word 'Blog' sound way too dull?

There is no resonating romance and trying to attach a passion to it, is a full struggle in itself. It's usually believed that you have to love the magic of language, grammar and words. Sounds like a lot of hard work with a hint of a headache, right?

So, why is everyone out there starting a blog and why should you too?

Well, we all bring our uniqueness into the world. Your goal in life is to discover what that is, embrace it and share it.

You can also start a blog on the digital platform where it’s revealed.

After all, a successful business or career is based upon being “on purpose.”

So, here are 7 Awesome Things you are losing if you aren't Blogging.

1. Blogging Refines Your Thoughts

Distilling your ideas into structured sentences is an art.

Untangling those words into shape will produce clarity from the cloud. Hence, starting a blog and growing it actively can improve your writing and speaking skills.

Make it a practice every day, and magic happens.

2. Gain Visibility & Credibility

Blogging brings democracy in media. You have the power at your disposal to increase your influence in the world around you.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, chances are, either people aren’t finding anything or finding things that may not add to your credibility.

Blogging is the ultimate solution to this problem.

3. Grow Your Network

Starting a blog, as interesting as it may sound, it can subsequently bring you some tangible results. Due to the visibility, your circle of influence expands and with it grows your network through your reader-base.

4. Establish Your Brand

As your network expands, your brand value increases.

Apart from getting a higher reach, you are also getting better depth with your audience. Brand engagement, not just brand impressions- is the key!

5. Gain Expert Status, Organically

You also learn better as you teach.

If you know more than someone willing to learn from you then you are an expert in his/her eyes. And you can teach what you know with blogging.

6. Become More Confident

Blogging empowers you and those around you.

You gain more knowledge, creativity, influence, credibility and in turn, it feeds your self-confidence. This is the biggest gain in starting a blog.

7. Turn Your Blog Into an Income Source

Market your blog

Who doesn't like an additional source of income?

Your blog can be a source of direct and indirect income when it reaches the critical mass of readership.

The list is endless and the persistent effort of online publishing is a powerful journey in self-discovery. It will be a career enhancer and a life changer. That willingness to be vulnerable, but to keep creating will change you.

You just have to start.

When people are arriving at your blog and your efforts are finally paying off with a steady traffic stream, it's time to convert them into leads to grow your business. Marketers who prioritize blogging, have seen 13x more likely to see positive ROI.

Here are a few ways you can implement to do so.

  • Guide your readers through the Sales Funnel. Blog posts are most effective at the top of it where brand awareness is generated. Show the Value of your Brand.

  • If you want your audience to do something, ask them to. Your blogs need a Call-to-Action. You need to get your visitors to do something: sign up, download, click, read something else, subscribe, install, contact you, and so on.

  • Pair your blog with Lead Magnets, i.e., offer something that your visitor will be glad to get for free - a free eBook, webinar, podcast, trial version, master class, etc.

  • Remarketing allows you to pixel your existing visitors and targets them with relevant offers on websites outside your blog. Stay on top-of-mind with your website visitors long after they’ve left.

  • Don't be overly promotional. In fact, try to play on the visitors' Curiosity. Use language which builds positive emotions, depicts your product as a wholesome solution and Reduces Distraction.

When it's done right, Blogging can prove to be incredibly effective and win over your web audience. So, start your blog today!


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