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Promoting business on social media: Quality is the Key

Updated: Jul 14

Gone are the days when promotional strategies were only limited to big posters, banners and television ads. The current generation acts as vouchers for social media and swears by the same to use it as a medium for promotions.

Is going viral a good idea?

Going viral is the new cool for any business nowadays that aims to thrive within a short space of time. We see a lot of one-time viral videos and content hitting social media platforms now and then garnering the attention of the audience. Is that all it takes for businesses to hit pay dirt? If not, then what’s the key behind a successful promotion? Of anything! A business, a blog content, or maybe a movie?

Remember the controversy around Sony’s attempt to unveil its white in colour PSP (which originally came in black)? Sony faced backlash for being insensitive and racist as the ad showed a white model clutching a black woman by her chin. Also, highlighting the contrast between two different colours through the depiction of a race made no sense.

These videos stay merely for a specified period and don’t sustain for a very long time as they either fail to make sense to the customers creating zero value or end up exploiting the pain of a particular section of the society. This is where a full proof strategy to engage the audience comes into the picture.

Looking after the quality in content

Well, we have a strong point to present in this moment of perplexity.

It’s the quality that creates value for your audiences which, in turn, attracts the traffic making your promotions successful. When we talk about quality, we know that everyone is looking out for consistent quality that makes sense to the potential customers in them and inspires them to stick to your brand for a reason. The lack of quality in your content will certainly make it go unnoticed.

Social media can turn out to be the best medium to engage with your potential customers with quality content for a more extended period. Also, you can ruin your chances of doing the right branding by avoiding the step-by-step process as winning sure hits gets tossed to the wind just as quickly as it comes.

You could go for unconventional methods of advertising; but to make sure that it is amply visible and effective, it needs to have the quality and should create value for your customers with looking into all possible variables that could make it your biggest mistake.

For the 2008 movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a little bit of mystery was added for the audience to seek out what lies in the story by running a campaign where pieces of graffiti and street art were placed around with phrases like “My mom always hated you, Sarah Marshall!” The producers of the movie didn’t realise that there are real people out there named Sarah Marshall, and frustrated retaliation from the audience followed this. This is an example of Guerilla marketing gone wrong as nobody thought of the insensitive content that was involved.

Avoiding quick hits and instead, going for consistent content with quality is a no-brainer. For keeping your customers engaged all that is needed is a good strategy like posting things that are well-planned, scheduled, informative and helpful for your customers over weeks and months.

Red Bull is an example of a related and right content driven marketing. ​​The company focuses on its content relating to sports, music and anything that captures the attention of their target audience.

To do this, a writer who communicates well with the audience, and an excellent social media management team that knows how to do social media “the right way” with ways that create value for their target audience, should be kept in focus. The whole point lies in making your customers realise that you are serious about your business and have something of value for them in your kitty.

You can track your success through many free marketing tools like HootSuite and compare your traffic for an individual post against that of your website’s traffic to see if your posts bring the organic traffic for you. It’s the consistent, high quality, and engaging content that brings a customer to your space and impacts decision making more than any other technique.

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