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Turn Abandoning Visitors Into Customers With Exit Intent Popup

Updated: Oct 31

Keeping your website on a consistent state of growth is quite complicated. It all begins with a mere idea in your head and takes form of a website. Howsoever innovative and revolutionary your idea may be, it might not translate into business growth or even consistent traffic on your website. This is because running a website isn’t just about the idea. There is a technical aspect of it which needs to be taken care of. And it is this technical aspect where the majority of new websites fail to garner the attention the idea behind them deserves.

You might even find ways to attract significant traffic to your website. Then again, what good are users on your website if they leave without the slightest of commitment. This is where exit intent pop-ups come in. So, without further ado, let us find out what they are and how are they important when it comes to lead generation and conversion.

What Is An Exit Intent Pop-Up?

As the name suggests, an exit intent pop-up is a kind of website overlay that is displayed when a new user to your website tries to leave the page, and your website. This pop-up can be an enticing offer intended to convince the user to stay and shop on. It can also be a simple form asking for contact details such as their Email address.

In a nutshell, exit intent pop-ups are a last ditch attempt to convince a leaving visitor to either stay on and interact or, at the very least, get their contact information in order to continue the interaction over Email. There are, of course, other exit intent pop up ideas that are used. This is because exit intent pop-ups being a last ditch attempt, they allow you to push the limits and go all out to make convince a visitor to stay.

Now, a lot depends on how crafty or convincing can one get with the pop-up. Everything ranging from the offer itself to the graphics and written copy matter a lot for you to pack a punch with the exit intent pop-up for your website.

How Are Exit Intent Pop-Ups Beneficial?

You may ask what makes exit intent pop-ups so important that they deserve such a lengthy discussion. After all, a mere pop-up cannot be such a deal, or can it? So, let us outline how exactly are exit-intent pop-ups useful when it comes to lead generation and conversion.

  • First of all, exit intent pop-ups are not the only kind of pop-ups one comes across on websites. They are not like the most common pop-ups that frustratingly arrive as soon as you open a website. So, Exit intent pop-ups are not as disruptive and increase your conversion chances without putting the visitor off.

  • If your exit intent pop-up tempts the visitor enough to make a purchase, you have converted an abandoning visitor into a customer, isn’t it enough to make it worth a nice, creative try?

  • As exit intent pop-ups provide you complete freedom to go all out in order to convince a visitor to stay, you might find just the right direct approach for lead generation through them. Be it an offer or a creative line that works as the much-needed ice breaker and convinces the visitor to, at least, provide you the contact details.

  • Because exit intent pop-ups are used when a visitor is all set to leave, you shouldn’t have unreasonably high expectations from them. After all, you cannot convince every leaving visitor to stay. So, if you have reasonable expectations from your exit intent strategy, it is more likely to turn out to be a success.

  • Exit intent pop-up is a last ditch attempt which gives you the license to be clear and concise with what you are offering. Be it a simple offer or letting the visitor know what your business idea is about and how you care for your customers, exit intent pop-ups allow you to lay it all out in a final attempt.

Exit Intent pop-ups have lately been put in frequent use. This has largely been because of the newfound freedom that new marketing strategies have provided marketers with. There is a lot more room for creativity now and it plays a very important role in exit intent pop-ups. The overall design and the offer are, without a doubt, key to make sure your exit intent strategy works. But being creative with whatever you’re offering or asking for can sometimes determine the difference between a visitor leaving or staying.

Platforms like Optimonk provide not only exit intent strategies for brands but you can also read helpful blogs on their website about exit intent pop-ups. The process of finding just the right exit intent pop-up strategy depends on how well you’re aware of your strengths. This, of course, along with all the technical aspects of design, offers based on your revenue and how creative your copy is, as mentioned above.

The Increasing Use Of Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Although, exit intent pop-ups are considered by many to be the last resort, they can often generate better results than one expects. Their importance is emphasized by the fact that visitors that abandon your website after the first page have as little as 10% chance of returning. Furthermore, when you run a website, every single visitor is important and an effort to stop them from leaving is very much important for the performance of your website.

Exit intent pop ups are used in various industries in myriad ways and serve different purposes. Apart from the two basic ways we’ve talked about, exit intent pop-ups can also be used as ways to get honest feedback from visitors to your website. They can also work as friendly reminders about an offer that is about to end or also as a heads up before sale season to make sure visitors come back in time once it starts.

Especially in the E-commerce industry, Exit intent pop-ups come in immensely handy. E-commerce websites are getting increasingly crafty with their pop-ups and are increasing conversion rates with exciting offers or, sometimes, a creative pop-up copy that convince the visitor to stay. For example, here is an exit-intent pop up used by an e-commerce website to turn ‘early-stage’ visitors into email subscribers - and convert them into sales later.

Similarly, here’s an example of an exit-intent pop-up by a website. This one attempts to catch the visitor’s attention by trying to strike a conversation along with a subscription offer:

These are just a couple of examples from a plethora of creative and efficient exit intent pop-ups that you must come across while browsing the internet. Yet, these two examples show the two ways these pop-ups are used. As already mentioned, they’re either great offers that tempt the visitor to click on them or an effort to continue the interaction with the visitor.

Although it is more favorable for you to create exit intent pop-ups with messages that are personal to your own brand, there is a lot of inspiration out there to help you find your voice. From witty satirical copies to a clever sales pitch, you will find all sorts of exit intent pop-up ideas if you know where to look.

Get Inspired And Put Exit Intent Pop Ups To Best Use

Exit intent pop-ups can turn out to be the much-needed push your regular visitors need to make a purchase. Their undisruptive nature makes them a lot less frustrating for visitors when compared to the ordinary time triggered pop-ups and their type. Hence, by using well-crafted and designed exit intent pop-up you have a chance of getting a customer instead of an angry visitor who would swear never to return to your website, which is the case with ordinary pop-ups.

Furthermore, exit intent pop-ups are vital because of the low percentage of visitors that, if ever, return to your website if they leave early. Hence, in order to make sure that your website’s performance doesn’t deteriorate, exit intent pop-ups can be just the addition to your lead generation and conversion strategy.

In a nutshell, you wouldn’t want your efforts to go waste once you’ve attracted visitors and abandoning visitors are the last thing your website needs. To make sure that the number of visitors that leave early doesn’t get unreasonably high and your website continues on its way up, exit intent pop-ups can be put to great use. Apart from the examples given above, you can find more and more ideas to get inspired and create your own efficient exit intent strategy and convince visitors to stay.


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