• Sameer Anand

Your sales presentation needs to be extraordinary

A PowerPoint presentation is an essential aspect of doing business and closing the big deals in most B2B companies. However, they are often not given the time and thought it deserves. Taken as a last minute activity, and in a hurry, all the texts, data along with graphs related to offerings are dumped in the deck and given to sales team. The sales rep then stands in front of a client for the presentation and fails to leave a mark. A lead that was identified months before in a sponsored event and nurtured all this time through several marketing activities to get face-to-face with the prospect stands wasted.

Creating a sales presentation takes time. The process starts even before you open PowerPoint. There is an entire list of things that is better to know in advance - the audience, presenter, main content, slide complexity, color scheme, images and icons, deadline, and it goes on. In addition to this, one fundamental question needs to be answered, how visual slides could support salespeople in articulating the message to the audience? It requires time to answer this question but is worth investing time to leave an impression on the audience.

Often the presentation I have seen are front heavy, and that means the presenter keeps on talking for slides and slides about the company, its history, structure, revenue growth, etc. Building credibility doesn't say that you need to talk about yourself. It will simply risk boring them, and their attention might plunge before you even get started. A simple fact that you are there to showcase your capabilities means they know you and have done their primary research. You can earn credibility by identifying their needs or problem and explaining them in the presentation about how you can help them. You don't have to save the best of your content till last as the audience might stop listening before you ever show it.

In the end, don't let your presentation fizzle out but close with a call to action that leaves the audience to act on the ideas that were discussed.

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