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Managing your social media requires a clear content strategy, unwavering consistency, and buckets of creativity.Social media is a great channel to tell your brand story which helps build a loyal customer base and brand trust. Investing the right amounts of effort and resources in social media leads to great results with an authentic human touch to the brand which ultimately converts to sales. 


Social media often feels like a black box to people not familiar with it. We are here to simplify it for you and your business. As a first step, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your social media presence and subsequently provide a detailed report which contains: analysis of current social handles, competitive landscape study, industry best practices, SWOT analysis, specific next steps. 



We at LatitudeBOX believe that social media should be a reflection of your brand and should tie in with the overall marketing strategy of the organization. Our content and design services include: creating weekly content calendars, crafting compelling post copies with eye-catching visuals,  setting up workflows, ensuring optimal publishing times for best engagement.



Sponsored Campaigns are a great way to create referral networks and drive sales. We help you craft messaging that is targeted and delivered to the audience on the platforms they actually use, leveraging tactics that increase visibility, engagement and conversions. Our sponsored campaigns services include: identifying the right audience, daily campaign monitoring and management, budget optimization, reporting & analytics. 



Community management is the process of interacting with the persons who come across your brand. We understand how important it is for brands to keep engaging with their audience so that they can become passionate brand advocates. Our community management services include: engagement with online communities, providing a human touch to your brand, managing customer queries and feedback, forum moderation. 



There is no dearth of social media influencers today and they play a massive role in the purchasing decisions of the people. We help you in building short and long term relationships with the right influencers to increase your following, enhance brand visibility and drive website traffic. Our Influencer engagement services include: influencer identification, sourcing  & contracting, campaign execution. 



You have invested time, effort and money into your social media campaigns and want to know if they are bearing the desired results. As always, we at LatitudeBOX have got you covered. Our reporting services comprise: monthly reporting,  campaign wise reporting, key demographic breakdown, hashtag analysis.


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